Several violins hanging on a wall


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Distinctive Recreations by Gregory S. Sapp

As a violin maker, Greg has dedicated much time to making exact copies of classic Italian Violins. He has made copies of the works of: Stradivari; Guarneri "Del Gesu"; J.B. Guadagnini; C.F. Landolfi; F. Gagliano; and C.A. Testore. (pictures available soon as we update our website over the next few months!)

If you would like to commission a copy of a classic violin, please contact us at (630) 906-0244.

Workshop of Gregory S. Sapp

Acutely aware that the needs of the student have historically been overlooked, Greg has combined the elegant form of Stradivari and the robust tonal aspects of Pressenda in developing the "S-Pattern" Workshop violin.

The Workshop Violin has been very well received. It is totally made in-house, using the most seasoned and stable materials that can be found. Every violin is hand finished. The varnish scheme may vary somewhat from instrument to instrument (straight vs. shaded). However, shading is never overstated. Greg likes to allow the texture of the Oil Varnish to be displayed, as opposed to the smooth "plasticized" look that is often common with modern student-level violins.

A Greg Sapp workshop violin before being hand finished

In addition to being very easy to play, the Workshop Violin has a balanced and robust sound most often associated with instruments in a much higher price category.

Workshop violins are in good demand, so it is rare that we have instruments unspoken for. However, we have been busy making so please contact us for information as to availability at (630) 906-0244.

Other Violins

Violins and violas hanging on the wall at the Sapp Violin Shop in Montgomery

  • Joannes Franciscus Pressenda 1846 SOLD
  • David Burgess Ann Arbor 1983 Beautifully Figured Two-Piece Back SOLD
  • Bronek Cison Chicago 2012 and 2014 one-piece backs
  • Bronek Cison Chicago 2013 SOLD
  • Violin labeled "Giorgio Ce da Cremona Fece in Cremona Anno 1970"; one-piece back
  • Violin labeled "Giuseppe Fiorini Da Bologna 1922" One-Piece Back SOLD
  • Old German Violin labeled "Andreas Kempter Lauten und Gegenmacher in Dillingen 1776"
  • Albert Krell Maker 1856 SOLD
  • Heinrich Th. Heberlein Jr. Markneukirchen 1903 branded
  • Ernst Heinrich Roth Markneukirchen 1923 Branded
  • Violin branded "A la Ville de Cremonne D. Nicolas aine" in the back and "A Mirecourt" in the rib
  • NEW Copy of Joseph Guarnerius fecit E. Reinhold Schmidt Saxony One-Piece back
  • Ernst Heinrich Roth Bubenreuth-Erlangen 1957
  • Ernst Heinrich Roth Markneukirchen 1923 Reproduction of Antonius Stradivarius Cremona 1724
  • Friedrich Kreuzinger 1969
  • Laurence LaMay Madison, WI 1968 Signature
  • Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Jr. Stradivarius Pattern, Markneukirchen 1926 SOLD
  • Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Jr. Markneukirchen 1924 One-Piece Back SOLD
  • German Violin (Markneukirchen - Karl Meisel firm) labeled "Carlo Micelli Anno 1922"
  • Ignazio Emilietti Modello Guadagnini 2011 SOLD
  • NEW Violin labeled "Lud. Heberlein Markneukirchen No. 1123 style anno 1926" branded
  • Gary P. Visocki Made in Chicago 1979 #3"
  • NEW Violin labeled "Conn Wonder Elkhart Ind. USA anno 1925 No. 2346"
  • NEW Violin labeled "Joseph Nadotti Piacentie 1765"
  • Violin labeled "Tommaso Carcassi in Firenze 1751"
  • Old Italian Violin (early-mid 1800's), Full Arched, Well Figured Semi-Slab Cut One Piece Back Papers from Lyon and Healy 1949 SOLD
  • Violin labeled "Jean-Baptiste Colin J.B.C. Annee 1906"
  • P.A. Johnson Aurora, IL 1927 SOLD
  • Old German Violin labeled "Handarbeit aus Mittenwald 1949"
  • French Violin Labeled "Nicolas Lupot, Luthier rue Croix des petits-Champs, a Paris l'an xxx" SOLD
  • Violin labeled "Josef Klotz in Mittenwalde anno 1795"
  • Violin labeled "Sofia Joiko Stoyanov Master Art anno 1999" SOLD
  • Old Violin labeled "Jacobus Stainer in A. Probe Oenipontum" SOLD
  • Ivan Dunov Superior 2001
  • Various Jay Haide a l'ancienne models - European and Chinese woods
  • F. Baumgartner, Basel fecit anno 1923" SOLD
  • Violin labeled "Virtuoso Art Violin Reproduction of the "Alard" Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1715" SOLD
  • Old 1/2 Size Violin, Mittenwald, Germany
  • Y. Chen Maker's Series by Yunhai Xu Cleveland 2009 #SX12SOLD
  • 1/2 Size Violin, Stradivarius Pattern Germany
  • Camillo Callegari Stradivarius Pattern China 2009
  • 7/8 violin Giuseppe Sardona 2016 European Wood
  • 7/8 violin Y. Chen Strad Model 2008
  • Scott Cao 3/4 Size 1998
  • August F. Kohr Model K550 China 2008
  • 3/4 Size Violin Labeled "Vuillaume a' Paris, Rue Croix des Petits Camps 46" "R1229" SOLD
  • 3/4 Size Violin labeled "Copy of Antonius Stradivarius Made in Germany"