Sapp Violins Rental Program

Rental bass, cello, violin and fractional violin with a violin case

We were blessed to receive the following testimonial last month from a teacher with much experience: "I have been a Suzuki violin teacher for 25 years, and the rental instruments from Sapp Violins are the BEST quality sound I have ever encountered in fractional sized instruments. They hold their tune beautifully. The fractional instruments have beautiful rich tone, and quality that I never hear until a full size instrument with other rental companies. The cases are sturdy and functional with the beloved backpack feature straps. I encouraged my student to stay with their rental from Sapp Violins even after moving to North Carolina and then Washington because I heard that much of a sound quality difference from their instruments. Thank you Sapp Violins! Your instruments are a joy to listen to! Sue Edwards Suzuki Violin Teacher Charlotte, NC

We often hear parents say "We'll get a cheap instrument and see if our child likes it, first. Then we'll rent a better instrument." That might work for other instruments, but for a stringed instrument there's a HUGE difference between a good instrument and a cheap one. In many instances, a cheap instrument is really not even playable!

As Mel is fond of saying: Your instrument should Look Good, Sound Good, and Feel Good. If any one of those essentials is missing, chances are the student won't practice or will quit outright. Not what parents are hoping for!

As parents ourselves we think you should also look at the value you receive for your rental dollar. This includes the quality of the instrument/outfit, the instrument setup, the rental credit towards purchase, the insurance available and any other benefits offered.

The Outfit

At Sapp Violins, we feel that we have put together a rental program that gives you exceptional value for your rental dollar. Our rental program is based upon the Johannes Kohr Model K500 instruments (or equivalents). The Kohr K500 instruments are handmade with seasoned spruce tops and maple backs, all ebony trim and quality Name-Brand strings. The list price of these instruments set up as Sapp Violins specifies, depending upon size (not including bow and case/bag): Violins $500 - $550; Violas $550 - $780; Cellos $1,400 - $1,750.

We provide a Carbon Fiber or Brazilwood bow with Natural Horsehair. The case provided for violin and viola has a music pouch, accessory pockets, a neck strap to hold the instrument, a blanket to protect the instrument from the bow's rosin, shoulder and/or backpack straps and bow holders. For cellos, you will receive a well-padded bag with accessory pocket, music pocket, backpack straps and bow quiver. Rosin and a cleaning cloth are provided with all outfits.

The Setup

We are committed to making sure that your instrument sounds to its full potential. Everyone likes to listen to an instrument that sounds well! To ensure the best sound from our instruments, we adjust the bridge and soundpost to assure ourselves they are in the optimum position for the instrument. All of our basic rental instruments are set up with Wittner tailpieces that have four fine tuners, making it much easier for the student to tune the instrument. Dominant or Vision strings are on our violins. Our Violas and Cellos are set up with Helicore strings.

Rental violins with a case and bowA set of Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Violin strings

We're making every effort to make our rental instruments a pleasure to play, as well as to hear. No one wants to practice on an instrument that is uncomfortable! We adjust our string heights to the correct levels, so little fingers don't get fatigued having to push too far down. To accommodate the small chins and necks of the young player, we provide a Wittner composite chinrest for all of our violins and violas. The hardware on the Wittner is more streamlined and doesn't project out as far as that on the more tradional chinrest and many find it more comfortable. If you don't prefer the Wittner, though, we're happy to work with you and find the chinrest that works for your player.

Rental Credit Towards Purchase

Renting from Sapp Violins allows your child to play on a very nice outfit without you, the parent, having to worry about damage or loss. (Remember, it isn't your child that will break the instrument - it's that standmate or friend that bumps into your child!) The day will come, however, when your student is ready to take care of their own instrument and our generous accrual policy will make this do-able for you and your pocketbook.

When you decide you wish to purchase an instrument, all of the rental dollars you have spent (not including insurance) will be applied to 50% of the purchase price of an instrument owned by Sapp Violins. The instrument purchased can be the one you've been renting or any other instrument owned by Sapp Violins.

There is no maximum and there is no time limit on when you can use your accrual dollars. As long as we are in business, your accrual dollars will be available to you. Even more importantly, the credit can be combined in families with more than one renter.

Accrual credit is used towards the purchase of an instrument. When you purchase any instrument, you receive a 10% discount on the bow and/or case of your choice.

Rental Insurance

This is the main reason that people usually rent! A new set of Dominant strings costs around $60 and that's minor compared to the cost of fixing a broken stringed instrument. Insurance is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you receive.

Rental Insurance is available at a cost of $4.00/month for violin/viola and $8.00/month for cello. Rental insurance covers the cost of reasonable wear and tear, string replacement, bow rehairs, accidental damage, loss due to theft or fire and all other regular maintenance. The only things not covered by our Rental Insurance are damage as the result of gross negligence or malicious damage and excessive wear.

Other Benefits

Lastly, as a Sapp Violins Renter, you will receive a 10% Discount on all Sheet Music/Books/Music CD's and a 10% Discount on all Accessories.

Pricing (Insurance is Additional)

1/32 - 1/4 Size $23.00/mo or $69.00/qtr
1/2 Size $25.00/mo or $75.00/qtr
3/4 - 4/4 Size $27.00/mo or $84.00/qtr
11" to 14" $28.00/mo or $84.00/qtr
15" to 17" $30.00/mo or $90.00/qtr
1/16 - 1/2 Size $38.00/mo or $114.00/qtr
3/4 - 4/4 Size $43.00/mo or $129.00/qtr

Higher level instruments are available. Rates vary per instrument.