An old cello from a side angle showing most of the body and part of the finger board


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Cello labeled "Carlo Bisiach di Leandro Milanese fece in Fiorenze l'anno 1932"

Karl Hofner Bubenreuth 2000 SOLD

Otto Virtuoso Strad Model China 2008 SOLD

Jay Haide a l'ancienne Strad Model China 2013

Wang Yi Beijing 2011 Made for the Baroque Violin Shop

Rudoulf Doetssch 4/4 Copy of the Guarneri Del Gesu

SOLDWenzel Fuchs Geigenbaumeister - Eltersdorf/Erlangen Modell No. 214 Jahr 1972 Made in West Germany

Bohemian Cello Strad Model SOLD

Y. Chen Workshop Montagnana Model China 2007

Made in the Shop of Samuel Shen Model SC300

Eberhard Meinel Markneukirchen

Karl Meyer Strad Model China SOLD

Unlabeled Student Level with Spirit Varnish China

Calin Wulter "Apprentice" Strad Model Romania 2009

Sebastian Mohr Model UB200 2008 BASS SOLD

Johannes Kohr Model K600C China 2010