An old cello from a side angle showing most of the body and part of the finger board


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NEW Daniel Fopster Blacksburg, Virginia 1984 No. 85

NEW Jean Baptiste Vuillaume a' Paris 3 rue Demours - Ternes Jay Haide El Cerrito California 2018

NEW Lothar Semmlinger Geigenbaumeister Baiersdorf L. Semmlinger 20189 Made in Germany

NEW Cello labeled Sanctus Seraphin Minensis Fecit 1757

NEW Modele artistique a l'ancienne Jay Haide Special Model Ifshin Violin El Cerrito 2018 Strad Model

NEW Fire Phoenix Strings Model FC420-4/4 Anno 2018

Karl Hofner Bubenreuth 2000 SOLD

NEW Modele Artistie a l'ancienne Jay Haide Ifshin Violins, El Cerrito 2010 - Montagnana Model

NEW Jay Haide Terra Nova Violins San Antonio 2009

NEW Hofner seit 1887 Meisterinstrumente HOF 5 VC 4/4 #100318-513 Made in Germany 2018

Otto Virtuoso Strad Model China 2008 SOLD

NEW Lothar Semmlinger Cellobaumeister Made in W. Germany Baiersdorf-Mittelfranken

Rudoulf Doetssch 4/4 Copy of the Guarneri Del GesuSOLD

Wenzel Fuchs Geigenbaumeister - Eltersdorf/Erlangen Modell No. 214 Jahr 1972 Made in West Germany SOLD

NEWThe Duport Model 1923 - 4/4 Made in Germany expressly for Wm. Lewis & Son Elkart, Indiana 092477 Anno 1995

Bohemian Cello Strad Model SOLD